The Band


Mega Jeff
Lead Singer

A polymath who has over 40 vocal ranges, Jeff recorded his first “bedroom EP” on a four-track as a 12-year-old. “It was my first venture into seasonal themed metal.”. Jeff is the piston behind Nikki Seven, and — somewhat paradoxically – the group’s harshest critic. “Emotionally and intellectually, I’m not sure if the rest of the band is there yet. But I am.” Jeff’s goal is to create “music that lasts, substantially longer than forever.”

Nikki Seven Lead Guitarist

A freewheeling axe grinder (and Mega Jeff’s best friend from Primary school), Seven provides Sleigher with off-kilter music flourishes and a necessary dose of common sense. “Mega Jeff can be difficult to work with,” says Seven, “but I know how to handle that dude. Sometimes he just needs to look into the mouth of the lion – and I’m the lion.” An avid stamp collector and pastry chef, Seven also intends to pursue a second-career in horticulture.

Mike Badd Drummer

Mike Badd is no choirboy. Raised on a steady diet of Rock, Cozy Powell and economic desperation, Mike views drumming as a way to turn his self-described “sociopathic inclinations” into something the world can appreciate. “I love to brawl,” he says. “I’ll fight a dog for no reason. I’ve seen the dark side of music. But that was all in the past. It’s still part of me, but – now – I use that intensity for good. I want to attack people with my music.”

The Stretch Bassist

No member of Sleigher has taken a more circuitous path than ‘The Stretch’. An elite athlete who cleared 6 metres at district high jump, ‘The Stretch’ received scholarship offers from several private schools before opting for a career as a bassist – despite the fact that he’d never played the instrument in his life. After spending five exploratory years in rural Scotland (“I needed space to invent my bass style”), the Stretch met Jeff at Seven’s Halloween party. “I knew he was the man for this band from the moment I met him,” recalls Mega Jeff. “When he shook my hand to introduce himself, he didn’t even say his name. He just said, `Bass.’ Just that one word. Nothing else. He is a serious person.”